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How To Read A Book On An Electronic Screen

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There's a lot of discussion about reading on computer screens being tiring on the eyes compared to reading E Ink, such as on the Kindle etc.

For years I've been reading and writing books all day long on a computer screen with few problems, so here's the solution for reading a novel on iPad or phone or computer screen:

Simply turn your screen brightness way down low.

Your screen should be darker than the light around you in the room, so that your irises can be stable and rested while reading on the screen. Otherwise they have to constantly adjust and that tires them out.

Also give your eyes a moment to adjust to the lower brightness when you begin reading. It should look a little too dark at first, but after a moment it won't look dark at all. Your irises will open up like a magic flower.

I have my screen brightness always set very low, at 8 out of 100, and I read and write for 10 hours at a time with few problems.

Although I am a cyclops of course, so that may help things.

I also keep my screen contrast very low, also set at 8 out of 100. It looks absolutely fine and colorful.


When naturally at rest our eyes focus about 2 feet from the face, so that's the best distance to be from the computer screen.

Although on a phone this may require an abnormally large phone, or taking a telescope with you on the train.

Blinking enough can also help. 15 times a minute is normal in life, but it drops to around 6 or less when reading anything.

So try to blink regularly.

But be aware you might look weird doing it too much in public. 200 times a minute is excessive, and will attract the attention of drug abusers.


In Lee Vidor novels the layout is carefully designed for screen reading by your delicate eyeballs.

I read them once myself, so I should know.

If reading my ebooks makes you go blind, I’ll give you a refund. So there’s no risk involved for you.

I’m not one of these heartless writers who says,‘Who cares if you’re blind. I’ve got your $3.’

Half refund if it’s only one eye that goes though.


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