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Welcome to the Shakespeare-Marlowe Quarter!

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


Christopher Marlowe, wounded child of the angels, you are made immortal with a kiss.

This link is to the pages made since the release of the Shakespeare-X Messsage. Below you can see the Shakespeare-X Quarter as it was before the release of the message to the world from Christopher Marlowe.

New Shakespeare-Marlowe Pages.




The Former Shakespeare-X Quarter


Everything in this Quarter is about the Shakespeare-X Message, Shakespearean Authorship and Shakespeare in general. I think this is a good idea, since it's called the Shakespeare-X Quarter.


Pages in the Shakespeare-X Quarter:


  • Everything you need to know.
  • This page has some of the things you need to know about the Shakespeare-X Message.
  • You'll probably want to know more because it's a really fascinating enigma, and let's face it, you're a pretty curious person. And this is something pretty important to the cultural world.
  • If you are interested in the Shakespeare-X Message, this is the page you need most.


  • The Authorship Question.
  • This is a brief overview of the Authorship Question as it has existed until now, with the discovery of the Shakespeare-X Message.
  • It has pictures and biographies of all the contenders for authorship. It's abridged for casual readers.


  • The Authorship Doubters.
  • This is a brief list of the principal authorship questioners of history, and quotes from them on the subject, the
  • famous ones at least.
  • Your name is probably there too, so take a look
  • One of the quotes is fake because I'm irreverent and I couldn't resist it. See if you can spot it.
  • Update: I deleted this fake quote because some people take themselves very seriously and don't think jokes are appropriate when we are discussing Shakespeare. They're wrong but they will argue forever if you upset them..


  • Shakespeare-X Debate
  • This page is an informal comment salon chaired and moderated by Lee Vidor. It's an expert level ongoing discussion of the Shakespeare Authorship Question. If you're a fascinated by the subject you belong here.
  • Invitations have been extended to Shakespearean experts to comment here. Among them Harold Bloom, Michael Wood, Park Honan and James Shapiro. Others are welcome.
  • Amateur experts on the subject of Shakespearean Authorship are also here, from all the various factional camps. All of them begging Lee Vidor for a scrap of inside information.
  • Some of them are making despicable offers of bribery.


  • Shakespeare-X Clue Puzzle
  • This is just what it says.
  • You can win a clue to the dazzling Shakespeare-X Message.
  • If you can get on the genius Shakespeare-X's wavelength...


  • Shakespeare-X Message Wiki
  • This page is a a wiki for serious academic debate on the subject of The Shakespeare-X Message.
  • It's loosely moderated by Lee Vidor.
  • The wiki is an expert level discussion of the Shakespeare Authorship Question.
  • If you're fascinated by the subject you belong here.
  • Also if you're a literary professor in fear of your possibly vanishing reputation and career.
  • Anyone may comment and members may post articles. Membership is open and upon request.
  • Invitations have been extended to Shakespearean experts to comment here. Among them Harold Bloom, Michael Wood, Park Honan, James Shapiro and Stephen Greenblatt. Others are welcome.



Pages Which Are Probably Not Here Yet.


These pages will be coming eventually. As soon as is feasible. Click them, if they're linked then they're here now.



  • Shakespeare-X Message Additional Evidence Pages
  • Even though, due to its mathematical nature, the Shakespeare-X Message requires absolutely no additional supporting evidence, by virtue of possessing the message I have been able to uncover a number of heretofore unknown aspects of the case. Some of them are rather convincing in their own right.


  • More Mysterious Shakespeare-X Pages
  • I can't talk about these right now. So don't try and make me.
  • These pages will appear after the content of the Shakespeare-X Message is announced.
  • They are very good pages though. Perhaps a dozen of them in all. Enough to shake the world.


  • There may be more odd Shakespeare stuff hidden around the site, use the site search box below right to find it. If it's there. Folio Cloud may produce something interesting. It's here but somehow not on Gooogle..
  • Fascinating Tag Cloud



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