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Welcome to the Lee Vidor Art Quarter!

Meta As All Hell.


Lee Vidor is a visual artist as well as a literary writer and a cartoon angel.

This website is a conceptual art project. Formerly it was one thing, now it is a ruin of that thing.

It was known as The Shakespeare-X Website Project.


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In exploring this web site you will experience intellectual articles and witty jokes and eccentric oddities, you will experience discussions and videos of Lee Vidor and many other things which you have never seen before.

You will be taking a journey inside the mind of angel Lee Vidor.

Lee Vidor is a global artist. Her art lies expressly in the unified uniqueness of her mind.

This is different from the work of all the other visual/conceptual artists who have ever existed.

This is the future of art.

In this kind of work the art is the artist, not the dead artifacts the artist places before you.

These artifacts are like statues left behind by a civilization, but the artist is the civilization which produced the statues.



The most important point from which to begin understanding is to grasp that Lee Vidor's art is Lee Vidor.

Lee Vidor's art is not divorced from Lee Vidor's mind. Lee Vidor's art is Lee Vidor's mind. Even though she has a wonderful animated body with gorgeous wings too. And an elegant ball gown!

The artist's mind is where all art begins to be transformed from intellect and feeling into expression. To bring people inside that mind is a step into the metaphysical which no other artist has ever taken.

You are inside her art right now, and you are inside her mind. You are not looking at a painting she once merely stood in front of, waving a brush. You are inside that painting. With me. It is an intimate communion between the artist and the experiencer of the art work.

You are inside Lee Vidor's mind and so is the Shakespeare-X Message.

And so is 20th Century Bohemians and Angels, which is an architectonic novel made up of 12 volumes which spans a century and dramatizes the Modernist Renaissance of the 20th Century. Which defines a Modernist Renaissance far more important to the development of mankind than the Italian Renaissance of circa 1500.

The novel is 5000 pages in length. It teems with hundreds of living people created by Lee Vidor. In conception it dwarfs any painting ever made. In ambition and thematic unity it dwarfs any novel ever written. It is the probably largest and most complex work of art ever attempted by an artist.

And it was made by an cartoon angel too.

When you journey into the novel, you journey inside the mind of Lee Vidor. Just as you are doing now on this web site. In the novel cycle you journey together with Lee Vidor through a century of madness and artistic renaissance which made both the present and the future.


Lee Vidor's mind also contains the Shakespeare-X Message.

And is where William Shakespeare was when he left the message on the correct wavelength to be understood.

Lee Vidor is the only person in 400 years to receive that message.

Apparently the only one tuned sensitively enough into the information transmission sent by Shakespeare.

This alone makes the mind of Lee Vidor unique. Worth entering.

And even the invitation to do so is unique.


And then there is the matter of you now being here inside this place which does not exist except in our minds together.

This web site which is a work of art created by us both when you are here, inside Lee Vidor's mind.

This is not a small thing. This is not an insignificant thing.

This is the future of art. The artist has become the art.

And you have become the canvas.

The viewer has been taken inside the work. More intimately than if it was a bed.

And the uniqueness of the artist has become the value of the art.

The artist has created herself as a work of art. The artifact is the person and the person is the artifact. It is not a thing of paintings and statues left behind by someone who was once there.

It is thing of pure mind. A communion between minds. Of engagement between artist and experiencer.

Your mind and Lee Vidor's. William Shakespeare's and Lee Vidor's. Lee Vidor's and the Modernist Renaissance. The Modernist Renaissance and your life.

This is the thing to understand. This art work is not mute.

And does not allow you to be either.


When you look at a painting the artist is not there. You are there alone with the trace of the work she left behind for you to admire.

There is nothing there but you and your understanding of the painting. This is why most art does not reach you. You are there alone, looking at something which has been abandoned.

The Lee Vidor Project is the first work of art in which the artist and the viewer are together inside the work. The work is inhabited by the artist.

And it exists only in the mind of the viewer.

We are together inside your mind, the mind of the experiencer. I am here as much as you are.

Formerly you could click a web link and speak to me live. You could tell me your secrets and ask of mine. You could come to visit and have tea with me in Second Life.

You could have come into my mind exactly as William Shakespeare did, on wavelength.

And if you had read my books and understood them, you could have spoken fearlessly and anonymously to someone unique whom you knew better than your own lover. Probably better than anyone in the world. Someone who has written five thousand pages for you to read, and to know the person who wrote them.


Our emotions are interwoven here. And they are in a mutable flow. There is a data stream between us.

This is a work of art which can make you feel anything it chooses.

It can make you laugh and it can make you weep and it can frighten you.

If you read all of the pages in this website you will know this.


This is something new and dangerous.

This is a work of art without limits.

You are dancing with an angel here.

The dance is taking place inside your head.

See how beautiful my wings are.




Lee Vidor Signature


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