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Lee Vidor's Lunch With Thomas Pynchon

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


Someone sent me a message saying Thomas Pynchon wanted to have lunch with me.

He likes people with wings it seems.

So I went.


He ordered sparrows in aspic.

I was aghast.

He pretended not to notice.

Apparently he does like winged creatures.

I ordered the boa.

It was a little snakey so I stuck to the truffles.

I really only wanted the mangosteen with ice cream dessert.


We ate:


After we finished eating:


He asked me exactly what was in the Shakespeare-X Message..

He seemed to believe that it might be a conspiracy.

I smiled mysteriously and asked him what Gravity's Rainbow was really about.


We both nodded in silence.

Nobody wanted to be the first to answer.


Without warning he rose from his chair and ran out the door and left me with the check.


I pretended to go to the bathroom and slipped out the back without paying.


Perhaps it was all a clue to what Gravity's Rainbow is about.



Lee Vidor Signature


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