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You Crazy Fool!

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.



Omg you clicked it!

You are such a nosy troublemaker!

You should be ashamed of yourself.

That's really impulsive!


Hardly anyone dares to click that button, but you rush in to dance with angels.

What if it had cost you $150M just to read this? It's not even that good!

You'd be writing me begging messages now to get your money back to buy a skyscraper.

Like you promised Mom you would.

You like to live dangerously I see.

I like that.


Maybe I should put a nude pic of myself here..

Anyone as smart and brave as you are deserves a nice reward.


Oh, now you're nodding..

You are such a little flirt.

Calm down now and get dressed again and go have fun on my website

Put something fascinating up on the comment boards!

We need to hear from people like you.

Go provoke some people you crazy fool!


PS. There's a secret new unlisted Lee Vidor novel, hidden on this website.

See if you can find it..

But tell no-one!

It's your reward for being so daring.

Oh and there's a fantastic secret also hidden on the site... Somewhere...



Lee Vidor Signature


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