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Salon for Other Stuff

This is the Other Stuff Salon for writers, artists and bohemians. (below)

The salon doesn't really have a subject, except stuff.

It's for discussing world, politics, news, gossip, sex etc - anything except art and literature.

Sometimes you just want to get drunk and flirt.

So that's what we'll do here.

But we'll be imaginative and dazzling while we do it please.

Weird subjects for discussion are encouraged. Insight too.

Don't forget that this is a cafe table discussion among friends, So don't behave like a beast. I invited you here to the Cyberland Mansion after all.

I moderate here and read frequently.

It's also not a place for spamming about your website. I ban really fast and irrevocably.

Please flag anything suspicious.


Visiting the Salon:

If this iframe below doesn't work then (right) click inside it on the title Lee Vidor Muses in order to go there. Come back here afterwards though, I'm not there, I'm here. Wordpress are just stealing my page views.

The iframe has sliders bottom and side.

Salon for Other Stuff



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