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I adore Wikipedia!

I think it's a fantastic resource and creation.

All the people who make it are real democrats and everyone owes them a lot.

I wikipedia search even before I google search because, even though you don't know what you're getting, you at least know what you're not getting.

What you are getting is an edited collection of unreliable sources all on one page, instead of getting a lot of different unreliable sources from many different pages and sites. So you can make your mistakes even faster and more conveniently. But most of the basic authenticating work is already done for you on Wikipedia, and that is very valuable.

I use Wikipedia a lot and, because I know how to read the data I get back, I find certain types of information there are usually reliable. The interesting thing about Wikipedia, and the whole web really, is that the more educated you are, the more useful it is. The less you need it, the more helpful it is.

I suppose you could also say that the more neurotically idiotic you are going in, the more idiotically neurotic you come out.

The web is a great place for finding proof that Jesus Christ is moving your car four inches every time you park it.



Now that I'm famous I have a Wikipedia page too!

I didn't even have to make it myself.

Now I can look myself up!

Here's a link to it. Wikipedia Lee Vidor

And what is really interesting is that I can tell exactly what is wrong on that page! I don't need to deconstruct it intellectually at all, I know!

So this page below is my actual Wikipedia page with my comments on it included, and a little bit of satire too, because they deserve that. And we all enjoy it too.

I don't edit my own real Wikipedia page because, who wants to argue with someone you don't know about where you were born ,which is your favorite cheese, and how great you are in bed.

And especially not about how beautiful and smart you are.

I prefer an autocratic style when it comes to my own biography.

Also I'm humble. Angel School has a test for humblicity, and if you can't pass it, then it's no wings for you.

So I don't edit my own Wikipedia page. Unlike some. Unlike many with agendas. Which is the weak spot for Wikipedia of course.

So don't be claiming I gave it an uninhibited endorsement when your homework gets a low grade.

It's pretty good on facts about dead people and accepted science though. Especially when the subjects are not politically or religiously volatile. These subjects take a broad portfolio though.

But I'm glad to see they removed the thing that said I was married to a devil worshiper who voted for Sarah Palin because she kills animals, likes hockey and gave birth. Also because she was sure to bring on the end of civilization.


Wikipedia update their pages constantly, and I don't update this page more than once a lifetime, so I may be behind their current page. You can go there and check, but the page below with my comments on it is as it appears on Wikipedia today.

And yes, I know this is very wicked of me.



Everything in bold is my emphasis. Usually on their remark.

Everything in italics is my comment. Usually on their remark.

Everything in (parentheses) is my comment. Usually my complaints.




The Lee Vidor Wikipedia Page


Don't worry, it'll get here eventually..

They're very good over at Wikipedia.




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