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The Auschwitz Chapter

It's easier to be a historian than a prophet.


From the novel Under Total Eclipse We Will Tremble Like Birds Without Song


The Auschwitz Chapter Can be read free in its entirety here.

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Under Total Eclipse

Under Total Eclipse We Will Tremble Like Birds Without Song

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Read The Auschwitz Chapter free of charge: The Auschwitz Chapter

The Auschwitz Chapter is intended to be a historically complete, precise and definitive account of what
happened at Auschwitz concentration camp, where crimes against humanity were perpetrated by Nazis against
Jews, Slavs, Roma peoples, homosexuals, political prisoners and artists. And all humanity.

This Auschwitz chapter from Lee Vidor's novel, Under Total Eclipse We Will Tremble Like Birds Without Song,
is available for publication, completely free of charge, to all academic text book publishers anywhere in the world,
who wish to publish it unedited in an educational text.

Please contact me for publishing permissions and terms. Publishing The Auschwitz Chapter.



Background to The Auschwitz Chapter


Even though it is only a single fifteen page chapter in the novel, I spent more than 2 years researching every
existing published eyewitness account of imprisonment at Auschwitz. I believe I missed none and that the account
here given is correct and accurate in every detail. It was a very harrowing research

If you wish to take issue with any of the specific factual details in the piece, please contact me.

Please cite reference sources for any factual error you may believe you have found. More than one source will be necessary for serious debate.

Former prisoners of Auschwitz are excluded from the necessity of a reference citation. I am interested and happy to hear anything you have to say on the subject. And congratulations on surviving hell.

Every single detail included in The Auschwitz Chapter has been confirmed from more than one source and from
photographic evidence.

If you are a holocaust denier please don’t waste my time letting me know how clever you are. Instead invest your time getting some education.

Read The Auschwitz Chapter free of charge here: The Auschwitz Chapter

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