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Who is Lee Vidor?


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I suppose it’s fair of you to ask, since I’m telling you that almost everything you’ve ever heard about Shakespeare the person isn’t true.

That’s me on the right of this page, I’m a writer and artist and a cartoon angel.

This is my website.

Which is really convenient, since it's called LeeVidor.com


My novels are available to buy as ebook downloads, or to read as free excerpts on this site or to purchase from Amazon.com anywhere in the world.

Lee Vidor Novels

The subject of my books is artists and bohemians.

The themes of my work are love, sex, death, art.

By sex I mean human sexuality of course.

That means it's not pornographic.

The books are an examination of how our contemporary world was formed.

What was once bohemian and avant-garde is now mainstream culture. I am writing about how that happened.

I am the originator of the wonderful exciting new theory that the 20th Century has been a Modernist Renaissance. The most important renaissance in human history.

Much more important than that little disturbance over perspective etc in the 15-16th Century.

I am writing 20th Century Bohemians and Angels, which is an expansive cycle of novels, centered on the real story of Modernism and the great bohemias.

It was the artists who made the world modern, and some of them died for it, of poverty, drugs and much too much love.

The novels are about the magnificent wild daring flamboyant people they were, and the fantastic things they brought into the world. The books and paintings and poetry and music and theater and most of all, the general madness and inspiration. About how they made the world modern. And why they did it.

It’s not a story you’ve heard before. This time it's written by an artist and bohemian, and not an academic making a study of artists as curious wild alien creatures. If you want to know what it's like to be a lion, then ask a lion, and not a zoologist. Lions eat zoologists.



A Sudden Excited New Message From Angel Lee Vidor..


Oh that stuff above is all so boring! I hate that! What kind of an introduction is that! It's boring!

See my wings!? Wow! They are so great.

Did I tell you I discovered a secret message from William Shakespeare!? Omg I really did.

Yes, the Shakespeare-X Message is real and not a hoax.

Yes, it’s completely impossible. I can hardly believe it either, and I’ve spent a year staring at it, dizzy with excitement and looking for the flaw in it.

But there is no flaw.

William Shakespeare did not write the works attributed to him.

Boy will there be red faces when this gets out.

How can a cartoon angel, though beautiful and charming, possibly have solved something which 400 years of constant and obsessive academic scholarship has failed to solve?

I have no idea either!


Although I am a far more pleasant person than the average professor, so that may be it.

Otherwise, I can say I have quite an unusual mind, and if you take a peek around my website and read my books, perhaps you'll come to appreciate it.

Anyway, the 'who really wrote Shakespeare' thingy is all solved now, and I've solved it.

Lucky me! I'm a smart cartoon!

I’m an angel too, so that’s good.

And I’m pleasantly pleasant to all.


Here's my suggestion for you;

If I'm such a mysterious character, then why don’t you take a look around my exciting website? And while you do, consider what kind of person might accomplish something as amazing as Shakespeare-X.

It would have to be somebody pretty unusual I'd say.

And something quite unique like that will show..

Magic does not come cheaply.


That's how I'd make up my mind about this Shakespeare-X Message hoax. If I was you.

Can a beautiful sexy cartoon angel really have done what all those stern hairy professors couldn’t in 400 years?


That's just plain scary!



As I Was Saying Before I Was Interrupted By A Rude Person..

The 20th Century Bohemians and Angels novel cycle will span the entire 20th Century when it’s complete, which it almost is.

It will embody the entire 20th Century Renaissance as it moves through the century, from sex, drugs and can-can, to sex, drugs and rock and roll. And politics too. Mainly leftist politics because the rightists were simply too busy creating totalitarianism to create anything else.

Feminism is there too, the developing liberation of women. Historically the 20th Century will be seen as the Century of Women. That's also where all that sex comes in. Those dangerous bohemian women were mad for it.

The novel cycle gives a complete picture of what really happened throughout the century. How the world became modern. In art, literature, music and everywhere else. In society and politics and among liberated women too.

Oh and in sexuality as well, have I mentioned that? Also homosexuality for that matter. That was always around, although you'd never know from the academic research on the subject. Some of the great artists were actually g-a-y. And lesbians too. Yikes.

All the books are complete and independent narratives, so you can read any of them in any order you wish, although reading them all will make you a good deal smarter. Also wittier, sexier and happier too probably.

Knowing where our world came from will help you adjust to the complex contemporary culture which surrounds us all today.

I know what I’m talking about. I’m a fully qualified bohemian with a license to sip absinthe.

The Shakespeare-X Message is not part of the 20th Century Bohemians and Angels novel cycle at all.

OMG She is so dull and serious! - Let me tell you about the artist Lee Vidor..


Lee Vidor is:

Taller than Picasso!

Funnier than Tolstoy!

Less hairy than Jane Austen!

More cartoon than Andy Warhol!

Neater wings than anybody!

Lee Vidor is an ageless beauty who will look just as lovely as she does now when you are old and gray and tired. Jealous? Yes you are!

Lee Vidor is the chronicler of the Modernist Renaissance. The only one ever in human history! There will never be another! Modernism is here and it will never arrive again!

This is a unique event in the evolution of mankind, all reduced to little friendly words by Lee Vidor for you to read at home in bed in your chic pajamas.

Lee Vidor, chronicler of the Modernist Renaissance of the 20th Century!

Not a little Russian Napoleonic War. Not a listless day in Dublin. Not a desultorily meditative drift through a fading French aristocracy. An entire darn Modernist Renaissance lasting a whole century!

Now that’s value for your literary dollar.

Lee Vidor, writer of the longest darn novel in the English language.

Lee Vidor’s novel cycle, 20th Century Angels and Bohemians has more characters than War and Peace!

More giggling than Ulysses!

More fucking than Proust!

More dancing and kissing than the Bible!

You can buy it by weight and be sure of satisfaction.

Get a lump of it today.



If you want to know more about my story as it develops, and why wouldn't you? It's a magical tale! Then wander around this website regularly. There's lots more astonishing story to come. You can be quite sure of that.

And I am really not writing a book about Shakespeare or the Shakespeare-X Message. So don't ask. I'm busy.

You can read some of my novels on the Lee Vidor Novels page. That'll tell you a whole lot about me.

They're moving and fascinating and witty and quite educational too.

Probably they'll be too exciting and sexy for you though, so you've been warned!

Don't be writing me letters about how desperately you blushed and then couldn't get to sleep until you finished the whole book.

And then wept until you had phone sex with someone unwise.

So only take a peek at your own risk. They're uninhibited. Which is unusual for me.


Also you can read more about my daily life in this unique Shakespeare-X adventure on my blog, which is called My 1500 Years of Fame.

But if you're coming over to the blog for cocktails, then dress well. And no nudity!

Here’s the first entry of my blog below:


My 1500 Years Of Fame


I知 Lee Vidor, I知 a writer and artist and a cartoon angel. I uncovered a secret message from William Shakespeare which no-one else could decipher for 400 years. Now I知 famous and I知 going to be famous still in 1500 years. As long as William Shakespeare is famous, so will I be. I知 like a colorful parrot sitting on his shoulder.

In 1500 years I値l still be the cartoon angel who discovered Shakespeare痴 real identity. And rescued all those wonderful plays from obscurity. ;) And I値l still look as beautiful as I do today. Lucky me! 1500 years of fame for doing almost nothing!



Day 1

Woke up this morning.

I’m famous!

This is the very first day of my 1500 years of fame.

Had coffee.

Brushed my feathers.

Sat on my sofa as a famous person.

So far this fame thing is quite dull.

What do famous people do? I should do that!

Put on my sexy shades.

Now at least I look famous on my sofa.

Admired myself in the bathroom mirror for a time.

I have the best wings!

What would a famous person do now?

I could look in the mirror some more but it’s quite boring.

I bet a famous person would check email!


Checked email.

5000 messages!


Yesterday I only had 3 messages.

Read 17 emails.

Everyone hates me.

Everyone wants money.

Or wants to f*u*c*k me.

Or both.

Who would have thought an angel would attract so much sexual attention?

Now Renaissance Art finally makes sense.

Religious porn.

Now I’m bored with being famous at home. I decide to go outside and be famous outside instead.

I tuck my wings inside my jacket and get on my bicycle.

When I have my wings out on my bicycle, cars always beep their horns at me and the drivers shout at me.

‘Hey sexy angel! Let’s have sex!’

It’s quite rude.

And the men are even worse.

Just because I’m a cartoon they think I’m naive and don’t know what they really want.

They want me to love them and be their own private angel.

But now I’m famous, I’m everyone’s angel.

That’s so much nicer.

Everyone needs a sexy angel.

Especially a famous one.

Like me.

So I cycled down the street looking proud and famous for a time.

I waved at people in case they recognized me

And to make sure they did also.

Which is what celebrities always do when I see them on the street.

So I waved and waved to everyone.

They smiled at me like mad.

Until I hit a curb and fell off my bicycle and ruffled several beautiful feathers.

Although I retained my dignity and grace. As an angel should.

So then I went home and wept.

This fame thing isn’t as good as it looked.

Only 1499 years and 364 days to go.

Oh well.


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Angel In Shades.


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