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The Most Inspiring Man In The World

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


The Most Inspiring Man In The World.


In 1974 Philippe Petit walked on a wire tightrope strung between the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

This really happened.

When he came down he was asked why he did it.

His answer was, ‘There is no why.’

But here is why he did it:

He wanted to bring magic into the world.

And he could do it.

The World Trade Center exists no longer but Philippe Petit still does.

He wants to walk on a wire across the Grand Canyon and has been planning it for years.

He needs corporate sponsorship.

You can sponsor him.

He knows how to make magic happen.

Thank you Philippe.



Philippe Petit walking between the World Trade Center Twin Towers on a wire, New York, Aug 7, 1974


Petit On Wire



You can see him on Youtube too:





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