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The Shakespeare-X Message

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


The Shakespeare-X Message is not a hoax.

It takes the form of a deliberately concealed statement which has gone undiscovered in the historical record for 400 years. It is a definitive, unambiguous, categorical statement of identity from the authentic Shakespeare, explaining who wrote the works and the reason for the authorship imposture.

The actor William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon did not write the literary works attributed to his name.

The Shakespeare-X Message is completely unlike anything ever seen in the past. It is neither arcane nor indirect.

It is a clear and fundamental message, unequivocal and deliberately intended by Shakespeare-X to reveal everything to the world.

It was created and concealed for this purpose. This is the intent of the message.

The Shakespeare-X Message is dazzlingly brilliant in inspiration and vision, a new work of art from the mind of William Shakespeare.

It is everything a Shakespeare lover could wish for.

The Shakespeare-X Message carries an indisputable mathematical verifiability which moves it into the category of proof, rather than conjecture.

The Lee Vidor Shakespeare-X Proof is complete and conclusive, in itself, and requires no additional evidential confirmation.

It changes everything in Shakespearean scholarship.

Read more on the Shakespeare-X Page.


Lee Vidor Novels


Lee Vidor is a literary novelist writing novels on the subject of artists and bohemians and the development of 20th Century Modernism. On how our contemporary world was created.

Also on the themes of love, sex, death, art and the bohemian milieus in which they inspired artistic greatness.

Lee Vidor isn't writing a book on Shakespeare or the Shakespeare-X Message. So don't ask.

You can see and read Lee Vidor's books on the Lee Vidor Novels page.


Writers & Artists Community


This website is a visual artists and literary writers community, as you will see when you investigate it beyond the incredible staggering sensational announcement regarding the Shakespeare-X Message.

There are many Salons for discussion and comment on most aspects of contemporary literature and art. You can see them here: Salons

It is also the home of the Shakespeare-X Literary Foundation for literary writers.


Shakespeare-X Literary Foundation


The Shakespeare-X Literary Foundation is a worldwide non-profit organization. Membership is free and by invitation only. Our interest is to launch important new literary careers. And to expand existing ones.

Our intention is to create a new publishing model which will financially benefit and culturally empower literary writers. Once established we will also begin to support visual artists.

Read more on the Foundation page.


Sponsorship of The Shakespeare-X Literary Foundation


Lee Vidor invites substantial corporate sponsorship for the Shakespeare-X Foundation and Shakespeare-X Message.

Lee Vidor offers corporate sponsors the single rarest thing extant in the world, lost for 400 years.

Something so dazzling that it eclipses the beautiful Mona Lisa.

The Shakespeare-X Message is the jewel of the Information Age.

Read more on corporate sponsorship on the Sponsorship page.


Who Is Lee Vidor?


I am Lee Vidor. I'm a writer and artist and a cartoon angel too. That's my photograph at the top of this page. You can meet me more informally elsewhere on this site, or on my blog.

On this page I'm busy appearing to be an academic intellectual. It's not that much fun, I'm quite bored already. Tell no-one I said that!

Meet Lee Vidor less formally here on the Lee Vidor Blog.

Or more expressively here on the Lee Vidor Says.. page.


What Else?


Go look around. There's a lot to see and some of it is even interesting. And important too. You can start with that list of links on the right to get a sense of things. There are lots of places on the site to post comments and have exciting discussions and be fascinating.

We like wild, articulate, cultured people here, as long as they can behave. We don't much care for rudeness, a good deal of the internet is already available for that. Geniuses are excused from good behavior, although you may be suddenly slapped at any time. We're not scared of you.

If you can't find some fun and something amazing here, then there's something wrong with you. Please seek help. You have too much ennui and it's not as cool as you think.

We're only just getting started with all the Salons. So go on, explore. Speak. Create. Provoke.

We're artists, we specialize in magic and dangerous talk. Oh and in uninhibited sex and laughing too. And we dance very well. Some of us even have wings.



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