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The Mysteriously Disappearing G-Spot

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.



People are so confused about the Grafenberg Spot.

I have been following G-spot research for about a hundred years.

And I have asked a lot of people about their G-spot. Or not.

I mainly asked women, because I felt that would give the highest chance of success.




Does the G-spot exist or not?

Well, yes and no..

Yes they do exist.

But you may not have one. Or not one that functions.


Here's why:

The G-spot is the vestigial remains of the male prostate, which in the female body has been turned roughly vertical as the female genitalia develop in the womb.

So some women simply have more vestigial prostate still existing than others. It's a matter of luck.

This is also why female ejaculation is so variable and hard to confirm.

Some women have a lot of vestigial prostate, enough for it still to function and make prostatic fluid, which is reputedly the ejaculate in authentic cases.

But most do not.


So yes, the G-spot and female ejaculation are both real.

Both are effects of the vestigial prostate.

But only for lucky women.

You can tell them by the sneaky smile on their faces.


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