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Welcome to the Frog Levitation Page!

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.



This is the Frog Levitation page where you will see real frogs being really levitated.

Well, you will see one frog really being levitated.

Well, you will see a movie of one frog really being levitated.

But it's a real movie.

The movie has no stars and it's only 9 seconds long and frankly the acting is poor and the writing might have been more incisive and multidimensional, but it is a real frog being really levitated.

Just don't go out for popcorn during it.


It was made by the fabulously clever scientists at Raboud University in the Netherlands, mainly Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, I believe. Both of them jointly won the 2010 Nobel Prize for physics for their later work at Manchester University on graphene, a miracle 'two dimensional' sheet of carbon lattice only one atom thick which Geim says he hopes will change the world as much as the invention of plastic did. Wow. Now that is worth a Nobel Prize, and a big hug too.


How Can A Frog Be Levitated?

Well you can read the real answer from the very smart and nice folks at Raboud University on their web page (link below), or you can just have me tell you that living bodies have tiny magnetic fields in them. And so when you put a living body into a gigantic magnetic field, the two fields interact. Enough to overcome the force of gravity acting on a tiny frog. That's why the frog is levitating inside what looks like a tube, the tube is a way to get a very large uniform magnetic field around the frog.

I understand the frog was unharmed, although it was peeved and considering a lawsuit.


And now..... A Levitating Frog!


Levitating Frog Movie (1.3 Mb)


You can see more movies on the web site of the clever and generous scientists of Raboud University in the Netherlands, where the real levitating frogs live. Raboud University Flying Frog Page.

They have little movies of various things levitating. Including this:

Levitating Strawberry Movie (1.3 Mb)

They also have real scientific explanations of the physics of the process. Which I do not.





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