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Welcome to the Designer and Artists Store.

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.




This is the designers and artists store.

Look around, isn't it great?

It's not open yet, but it's a space with real potential.

Eventually it'll open and you can buy unique works of art and design here, directly from the artists.

It will be fantastically popular and full of genius because Shakespeare-X Foundation won't be taking any commission from the artists and designers who show and sell their work here.

They'll get 100%, and it'll cost them nothing to get it. Boy will I be popular!

All they'll need to show their work here is brilliant work.

So it'll be the greatest design and art store on the whole internet.

Maybe I'll include unique clothing designers too, eventually. The fantastic ones only. The artists.

Anything might happen here!

Keep an eye on it if you're a designer.


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