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Join the Lee Vidor Book Club!

As a Lee Vidor Book Club Member you will receive Lee Vidor novels at the price of $3-99, instead of the public price of 'whatever Lee Vidor feels like charging'.

Lee Vidor is a temperamental and unpredictable artist, she might charge you anything!

I've heard her mention figures like, '$69-57' and '$121-34.1'.

She's like a nutcase, working for her is a nightmare and I can hardly sleep at nights for her unpredictable behavior. And don't even ask me about PMS.

What if she orders me to leave my family and go to Alaska and begin dressing like an Eskimo? What then? I don't know what I shall do.

Anyway, join the goddamn Lee Vidor Book Club. Before she starts bitching about that too. How I couldn't get anybody to join her stupid club. Because she wouldn't give club members anything nice to join. Except some stupid Tee Shirts that don't even exist.


Join the Lee Vidor Book Club and get these two fantastic Virtual Tee Shirts!


Global Warming Is RealStem Cells Shirt


Free for members to look at on your computer!

Imagine yourself wearing these shirts - see how you look like twins now!


Like anybody cares.

I'm not even sure I like her books that much anyhow.

And her Book Club doesn't even sell anybody else's books.

Like William Shakespeare's for example.

Not that anybody even knows who that is now anyway. Now that she's started meddling in that too.

Everything was so nice and peaceful before she came along. Shakespeare was Shakespeare and everyone knew where they stood. Now look at us.

She looks so angelic but she's really a wicked and impudent cartoon angel.

That Lee Vidor needs a good slap if you ask me.

Only a fool would join her damn book club. I'm definitely not joining.


Yes! I want to join The Lee Vidor Book Club! Even though I've been warned against it.


Join Now!




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