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OMG - The Bees Are Buzzing Off!

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


Our honey bees all over the world are dying off from a mysterious virus. This is a gigantic disaster in the making.

We need those bees!

You try pollinating every flower in the whole world by hand. It's a lot of work!

I read an estimate that without bees, hand pollination would cost $90 Billion a year in the US alone.

Imagine how much an orange will cost then. $10 each. At least.

One third of all the food in the world is pollinated by bees.

We need those bees!

And the dying off of entire hives one after another is very scary and deeply serious.


We cannot survive without bees. I mean all of us. Including you.

Even Republicans and other anti-Greens.

Estimates are that at the current rate of bee colony death, half the bees in the US will be gone completely by 2035.

Although I've read other figures saying half have already gone.

So stop worrying about asteroids hitting earth and start concentrating on this real global disaster facing us.


We need to put money into the scientific research it will take to save them and create new breeds of bee.

And we need to publicize this issue. So that even ignorant politicians can understand what bees do.

Otherwise get ready to say goodbye to the fruits and the flowers forever.

All of them.

And then develop a taste for gruel and grain, because that is what you will be eating. Every day.

Tell people it's serious! Our governments need to pay attention.


Here's a Wikipedia article on the subject: Bee Colony Collapse Disorder.






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