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How To Solve The Wall Street Bankers Bonuses Question - An Irate Editorial

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


How To Solve The Wall Street Bankers Bonuses Question:

Tax the ridiculous bonuses at 100% or just make them illegal. End of story.

Nobody will leave an easy $400,000 salary in New York to go and live in China and have their underwear inspected by Communist bureaucrats four times a day. And if they do leave, then we’ll just find somebody better here to do their job. They destroyed the world economy for God’s sake, how good are they at investment banking? We’re not going to miss them.

If a mechanic destroys my car I don’t pay him a multi-million dollar bonus to repair it again. I tell him you’re not much of a mechanic and fire him.

Then I send my brother round to beat him up.

The whole Wall Street bonus situation is a scam. They are approving these bonuses for themselves against shareholders’ wishes. It’s quite an obscenity, a lot of people are in jail for much smaller crimes against society.

When Kelloggs sell a box of cornflakes the employees don’t get a commission on the transaction.

That’s what’s been allowed to become established on Wall Street. Employees are skimming a commission off the enormous amounts of money passing through their hands. And it’s shareholder money they are skimming.

Let Wall Street employees work for an appropriate pay like everyone else, or allow someone else to have the job. They are very good jobs you know. Compared to doing almost everything else.

There will be a lot of fine and suitable applicants, even without the bonuses. People are queuing up to get in there. $350,000 is not a low salary.

I don’t make anywhere near that and I broke my brain solving Shakespeare-X and deconstructing an entire damn renaissance lasting a century.

What they do on Wall St. is not nearly as hard as they allow everyone to believe.

No-one will leave Wall Street and flee the country if these insane bonuses are discontinued.

In any case all the people with the real financial skills are already working for themselves, they all left Goldman Sachs to rush off and start their own hedge funds. It’s the deadbeats who are earning the bonuses, not the talent.

The whole business is obscene and it’s time we put a stop to it.

Wall Street is playing the country for fools. And damaging the world.

And they are using lobbyists to buy politicians in order to do it.

It’s a national disgrace.

Let’s stop this now before the country is completely looted.

I'm talking to you Mr. Bought Politician.



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