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Serious Fun and Other Madness For The Arts

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These are articles of particular interest to people in the arts.

Some are Serious and some are Madness and there will probably be more articles to come in time.

Particularly if the Salon discussions begin to reveal obsession with particular subjects. Also the Google Waves. And life in general too, if anything important happens out there in the arts. I hear someone got a message from William Shakespeare, so that may shake things up among the culturati for a while..

Generally the Serious articles cover writing, the art market, art and ownership, copyright fraud, publishing industry, literary criticism, the creative personality, genius grants, Art, art v entertainment, modernism v postmodernism, the Modernist Renaissance, etc etc. Later more articles will come on the visual arts.

The madness articles are just plain flashes of madness. For laughing, despite the angst of it all.

The Serious Fun Pages are more serious. But also fun.

Probably the best way to explore the articles is to simply keep clicking Next Page below right until you find something you like.

Otherwise just click in anywhere that interests you on the list below.



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The articles below form a circuit of pages.

Yes Lee, I'd like to take a spin through the Arts Serious Fun articles in a circuit leading somewhere. Probably back here.

Take me, I'm yours! It's a dull evening where I am anyhow.


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The Articles By Subject


Web Art

The Rarest Art Work In The World

Voting Page - Vote for stuff!

The 20th Century Modernist Renaissance

Art Dealers & Galleries

Support Messages From Famous Writers & Artists

Republican Essays - How To Explain Republicanism To Children

The Creative Personality Explored

What Is Art?

Freaky Sex

The Most Expensive Art In The History Of The World Until Now

A Gorgeous Quote

The MacArthur Grant And How Not To Get One

Lee Vidor's Lunch With Thomas Pynchon

Barnes Collection - Who Own Art?

The Designers and Artists Store - And Its Future

The Artists Salon - Open Discussion!

The Other Stuff Salon - Open Discussion!

The Writers Salon - Open Discussion!

Artists' Relationship With Readers

The Lee Vidor Book Club

The Shakespeare-X Foundation

Lee Vidor Book Reviews

Lee Vidor Book Reviewers

Copyfraud! - Omg we're being cheated!

The Shakespeare-X Message Wiki - World Expert Discussions

Pimps v Publishers - A Scientific Survey

A Message To Famous Authors & Artists

Writers Treasures

Writers Manuscripts - Of Masterpieces

The New Publishing Model

A Message To Bookstores

Ebook Publishing Costs

Publishing Business For Authors

The Forgotten Unknown Author

The Literary Fairies Sprinkle Moondust On A Starving Writer

Pseudo Intellectual Writing - A Provocative Article

JD Salinger RIP

Is Schindler's List Obscene?

Quarter Novels



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