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The Actual Shakespeare-X Message Clue Puzzle!

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.


Welcome to the all new FREE Shakespeare-X Message Puzzle!

You don't win anything now. But don't worry because the puzzle is too hard for everyone anyway. That was the intention. Even IBM's smartypants computer Watson can't do it. Although I can..

So just have fun.

Here's the FREE puzzle. The rules are below.


Absolutely FREE Shakespeare-X Message Puzzle which nobody but Lee Vidor can do. Including that cheating IBM computer Watson.


The OLD Puzzle Page:


You made it! Well done.

That's the first part of the puzzle, finding the darn thing. You're pretty smart!

Now see if you can get on William Shakespeare’s mental wavelength.

Find out if you can think like a timeless genius..

A greater one than Shakespeare-X never walked the earth.


See if you could perhaps have solved the Shakespeare-X Message.

You’ll never get another authentic chance to attempt something like this.

Never ever. This is it. I'm not kidding.

So don’t be saying later, ‘Oh I could have done that! I'm smart.’ After it’s too late.

It's now or never for you.

Try the Shakespeare-X clue puzzle and win a tantalizing clue to the Shakespeare-X Message. Which nobody has deciphered in more than 400 years.

Except Lee Vidor of course, but she’s only a little cartoon angel.


Omg Lee that is so exciting!


Yes it is.

But how will it work?

Let's investigate further.

What's actually going to happen, is that you are going to investigate me. Just as I investigated Shakespeare.

And if you do it well, you will win three things:


1. You will win a great mysterious clue to the fabulous dazzling really important and incredibly valuable Shakespeare-X Message.

That Shakespeare-X Message is worth about $500 million. Roughly. That's an estimate. It's probably the rarest thing in the history of the world. Something utterly singular and unique.


2. You will know and have proved that you have the kind of mind which might have been able to solve the Shakespeare-X Message.

If you had only had the luck. Which you didn't. But you might come to understand why Lee Vidor is the only person in 400 years to have been able to solve it.

Can you get on William Shakespeare's mental wavelength?

Imagine the boasting you could do.

If only you got that clue.


3. You will receive a pleasant and exciting personal email from Lee Vidor with the clue in it. I like smart people. It will be a complimentary email. Unless you cheated.



Won't all that that be worth $3-50 / $4-00? / FREE

I'd say so!

Also you'll have the pleasure of playing in a lovely game which I made for you.

You can savor it in your mind on those nasty commutes those heartless people make you do every day.

It'll be like we're dancing in our minds together.

Just don't stand on my foot!

Oh and keep your hands off my lovely wings, I know you want to touch them.

Well, you can't. So behave.


Here is how the puzzle works:


1. You pay me $3-50 in US and $4-00 in the rest of the world. It was a lot of work making the puzzle and I'm risking millions upon millions against your measly $3 -50 / $4-00.

2. I take your money and go and buy exciting stuff with it while you ponder the questions I have set for you.

3. You follow the trail of answers until you arrive somewhere exciting. Where I'll be waiting for you.

There are roughly 20-30 questions in all to answer correctly to win the clue. It's a genuine clue. You have to answer each question correctly to go on to the next question.

The puzzle has levels. They start gently and get harder. That's what game levels do.

4. It's not a Shakespeare puzzle. It's a general knowledge and deduction and reasoning skills thing. Although you might need a lot of skills and knowledge and reasoning!

But you have Google to help. Although I didn't. I had to know the answers in advance to make the questions. Think about that. That's a big advantage for you!

5. Be warned, it's a hard puzzle. You probably can't do it. It may have been neither luck nor accident that enabled me to solve the Shakespeare-X Message. Try the puzzle and decide for yourself.


6. Here's a sample question to get you started:

What is your name?

See, wasn't that easy? I bet you got that. That's level 0 completed already!


Alright, roll up your sleeves and get your brain flying.

Send me your hard earned $3 so I can go out dancing.

When you leave PayPal after depositing your $3-50 or $4-00, you will be returned to the first question.

When you answer a question correctly the next one will magically appear. That's how you'll know you got it right.

You can use Google if you want. But really, I think that's kind of cheating.

Oh and make sure you keep your dated email receipt which PayPal will send you. Because I'll be asking to see it later before I send you a lovely personal email of any type.


Here we go!

Well, here you go. I'm staying here to wait for the next person to show up with $3-50 or $4-00.

Yes Lee, I want to try my magnificent brain against yours. And I'll pay $3-50 or even $4-00 for that exciting journey into the magical unknown. I'm having a really boring evening anyhow.

Purchase via PayPal:



Absolutely FREE Shakespeare-X Message Puzzle which nobody but Lee Vidor can do. Including that cheating IBM computer Watson.




Rules and Disclaimers.


By purchasing this puzzle I agree to follow the rules of the puzzle as described at each stage of the puzzle. I accept that all judges' decisions are final. Especially Lee Vidor's. Also I promise not to cheat. And never to sue, since I understand that it's a game.

I understand and agree that should the solutions to the puzzle appear publicly on the internet or anywhere else, the game will be void and no refunds will be made. Even though I will deserve one really. Some people ruin everything.

The validity of the puzzle game will end when any part, or all, of the Shakespeare-X Message is made publicly known by Lee Vidor or her sponsors. No clues to the Shakespeare-X Message will be awarded after that time. Although probably the answers and the clue will all eventually appear on this web site. Lee Vidor is not a cruel angel.

I understand that I am required to have fun doing this puzzle, and I may run the danger of falling hopelessly in love with someone geeky who helps me with it.

Also when I win the fabulous clue to the Shakespeare-X Message, I will keep it safely under my pillow and tell no-one who doesn't earn it. It's much too dazzling a prize for that.


Group Entries:

Groups are not eligible to collaboratively enter the game. Especially terrorist groups.

And especially also groups who are too cheap to buy a nice fresh puzzle for each member. Those sneaky devious groups who would cheat a lovely angel will therefore probably be disqualified when caught.

The reason for this is that it defeats the entire purpose of the puzzle.

Which is for an individual to win the clue and therefore prove they might have uncovered the Shakespeare-X Message. And so groups are cheating.


Absolutely FREE Shakespeare-X Message Puzzle which nobody but Lee Vidor can do. Including that cheating IBM computer Watson.



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