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A Secret Place for Book Club Members

Original Source Of The Shakespeare-X Message.



Oh you are so nosy!

You want to know everything.

You’ve been lured here by your shameless curiosity and now I’ve got you alone I might do anything to you at all!

I might poke you or tickle you or tie you up and stroke you right...



Who would know?

There’s no-one to save you here, you’re vulnerable to anything!

So best behave.

Actually there is a secret here and it’s this:

The Shakespeare-X Message is real.

There really is magic in the world!




And the novels really are good too.

Perfect for a curious person like you who loves surprises.

And book clubs.

The novels are full of laughing and fucking and shameless behavior, just like you’d have done here secretly with me.

If you’d only had the chance.

I know you.

Little flirt.



Welcome to the Lee Vidor Book Club!

Since you're a member you can know there is a secret excerpt from a new novel hidden here: French Moderns.

It won't be published for a while though!

And now the link is removed. I can do trhat because well.. It's my web site.

Go look at the T Shirts again instead!

There're lots of hidden fun things on the site. Just click the links like a maniac.


Lee Vidor Signature


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